What Is Dyslexia?

An inherited condition that makes it extremely difficult to read, write and spell in your native language, despite at least average intelligence. It is neurologically based, often familial and interferes with the acquisition and processing of language.

Maura Mize is a certified Dyslexia Testing Specialist. She offers a comprehensive and appropriate diagnostic testing battery to assess dyslexia using research-based methods.

What Is Dyslexia Tutoring?

Once one is diagnosed with dyslexia, our certified tutors offer one of the Orton-Gillingham Systems, Barton Reading and Spelling, to teach reading and spelling. This system is a simultaneously multisensory, systematic and cumulative program with explicit instruction in both synthetic and analytic phonics. We also use the Linda Mood-Bell LiPS program.

Our dyslexia tutors are certified or in the process of certification in the Barton Reading and Spelling system. Tutoring is twice a week and can take from 18-36 months.

What Are the Signs of Dyslexia?

• May lack awareness of the sounds and structure of words

• May have difficulty learning the names of letters of the alphabet

• May have difficulty learning the sounds associated with letters

• May have difficulty saying the alphabet correctly in sequence

• May have difficulty sounding out unfamiliar words

• May have difficulty with sight words

• May have repeated spelling errors

• May reverse letters or sequences of letters in words

• May have difficulty learning to tie shoes or tell time with a clock with hands

• May have difficulty with handwriting

• May have difficulty with reading comprehension

• Late establishing a dominant hand

• Difficulty finding the “right” word

• Delayed spoken language