Hope Therapy Center is a Comprehensive Outpatient Clinic located in Lake Charles, Louisiana providing Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy across the lifespan.


Hope Therapy Center is a comprehensive outpatient clinic located in Lake Charles, Louisiana providing physical, occupational and speech Therapy across the lifespan.

What Do You Need?

You will need to obtain a prescription from a medical doctor in order to begin physical, occupational or speech therapy treatment. Contact us today and we can get started.

Our Services

What do we do? We help people WALK, TALK and MOVE! Whether they are a child learning these skills for the first time or an adult regaining abilities after a stroke or injury, they can begin to move with less pain, communicate effectively and perform everyday skills without any help.

We're Here To Help

Our patients mean the world to us — everything we do at our facility, we do for you! We absolutely love having new patients join our community, so make sure to give us a call and see about a consultation!

Where do you start? Pediatricians can readily identify the need for referral for physical, occupational or speech therapy. Once we assess your child, we set up a treatment plan and get you started!

When we are in pain, even the weight of our own body may be too much to bear. Water lightens the load. When we are in the water we are weightless so, movement becomes easier!

We provide skilled treatment to all of our patients with a variety of medical conditions that affect their speech, language, swallowing or cognition.

To begin treatment, physical, occupational and speech therapists use research-based approaches to target deficit areas.

We have a lot to offer at Hope Therapy Center!

Hope Therapy Center offers physical, occupational and speech therapy for patients across the lifespan.  However, the interventions and approaches you find at Hope Therapy are not your “run of the mill” programs.  We spend a significant amount of resources developing highly specialized programs that are research-based and make a difference in the outcomes of our patients.  Why?  Because we want our patients to walk, talk and move! 

Firstly, if you are a patient recovering from an illness or injury, we don’t want you to waste your time on techniques that don’t deliver real results.  Secondly, if you are the parent of a child who is struggling to master skills for the first time or regain skills following an injury or illness, we want you to have the best solutions for intervention from the get go.  And lastly, for those patients who may need all three disciplines, we strive to have a comprehensive approach by developing a plan for each patient that allows for maximum carryover of skills.